Camp/School Workshops


Are you interested in having LMA at your camp or school?  Packages are available for multiple age groups and lengths of time.  Please fill out our form below and we will contact you to discuss your options.

What We Do:
The Little Moving Artist classes include movement and visualization games and props that foster confidence, patience, working in a group or with a partner, listening skills, balance, coordination, time, rhythm, personal space vs group space, gross and fine motor skills, fitness and fun.
What We Teach:
Each class can be tailored to teach shapes, numbers, counting, letters, reading, writing, science, math, storytelling, visual art and music.  Lessons can also coordinate to match concepts that students are learning in their regular class.
Why It’s Important:
Dance gives students the opportunity to express themselves, find confidence, be creative, make friends, learn social skills, connect their bodies and minds and improve the skills needed to excel in academic classes.
Schools/Events We Have Worked With:
  • Iris Early Learning Education Center
  • Goddard School
  • Apple Tree Preschool
  • Prospect Preschool
  • Maplewood Library
  • March of Dimes

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