Toddler Classes


Toddler Jam I: (2-3 years old)  Each week this 45 minute movement class will begin with a story to introduce the theme which include colors, numbers, shapes, sounds, directions and levels.  Each activity is designed to incorporate the weekly theme using dance, music, visual art, singing, movement games and sensory props.  Students will enhance gross and fine motor skills, working in a group, listening skills, taking turns, and artistic expression.  Caregivers may sit in our waiting area or participate as needed.  Please dress students in clothes they can move in and also create art in.

(8 weeks $145.00)


Toddler Jam II: (3-4 years old)  A 45 minute dynamic and energetic creative movement class that builds on the structure of The Toddler Jam I class.   This class will incorporate dance, music, visual art, improvisation, movement games, story telling and sensory props to teach concepts such as space, time, energy, directions, levels, numbers, letters, colors and sounds.  The students are encouraged to be self-expressive, creative, and independent while practicing gross motor skills, listening skills, following directions, moving in a group, moving independently and enhancing body confidence.  Please dress students in clothes they can move in and create art in.  Caregivers may sit in our waiting area during class.

(8 weeks $145)


Pre-Ballet (3-4 year olds):  This 45 minute class is designed to introduce the beginning technique of ballet using organized exercises, repetition, ballet technique/terminology, and creative expression.  Students will develop coordination, balance, strength, rhythm, and creativity.  Students are asked to wear leotards, tights, and ballet shoes.  Hair must be pulled back and skirts/tutu’s are optional.  Caregivers may wait in our seating area.

(8 weeks $145.00)


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