Frequently Asked Questions

What should my child wear to class?
Children should wear comfortable clothes they can move in and bare feet.  Dance outfits or costumes are always allowed to help foster individual expression and fun.

Can I bring my child’s sibling to class?
Siblings are welcome in all Mommy & Me classes, except for Kinder Jam.  Please register them on the sign up page.  Siblings that will be participating in class will be charged half of the session fee. Siblings under the age of 1 are free of charge.  We also offer a holiday/no school drop in rate for siblings of $10.00.  Please register and pay on our sign up page, if you reserve spots for two or more children, the discount will be automatically prorated.

Can I try the class before purchasing a session?  
Of course.  Our trial class is free but please be sure to contact us to reserve your spot.  Due to space we only offer one free trial class per day.

Do you offer refunds if I decide to cancel my session?
We only offer refunds before the second class.  If for any reason you decide to cancel the session you will be refunded your session fee less the first class fee and a $5.00 administration fee.  Please contact us by email to cancel your session.  We do not offer any refunds after the second class for any reason.  

Do you offer make up classes?
The only make up classes we offer is for a cancelled class due to weather or if the instructor is sick.  We will do our best to contact you through email as soon as possible and post on our website if the class is cancelled.  Make up classes will be held at the end of the session at a maximum of 2.  No make up classes will be allowed for any other reason.  

What if my child’s age or abilities change in the middle of the session?
We ask that you complete the session you are registered in before enrolling in another class.

Is there a Little Moving Artist location near me?
We are in the process of expanding our locations.  If you know of an area or location that could use our services please let us know.

How many children in a class?
It depends on the room size but the typical class has 10-15 children.

Do you offer drop in classes?
You may take any of our classes as a drop in class as long as the class is not full.  Our drop in class rates are $23.00 for a 45 minute class, and $18.00 for a 30 minute class. Please be sure to contact us to reserve your spot.

How do I sign up if the series has already started?
You can reserve your spot online.  The class will be prorated for the week you are starting.

Are any legal waivers needed to attend a class?
When you register for a class you will be asked to sign a release of liability online stating that you understand the risk of physical activity for yourself and your child.